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Yo quiero TACO AIZEN!

is a shrine dedicated to Kubo Tite's Pulpit rock
Although I might post other anime\manga related stuff ocassionally. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS so follow at your own risk). ICHIRUKI/(イチルキ) shipper. Be aware.
~None of the art posted here belongs to me unless stated yadayadayada... All characters © Kubo Tite. But know well that I CREDIT ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I POST MYSELF because I respect the hard work and dedication of the fanarists and writers and bloggers. But don't blame me if you see something yours here not credited, it will most likely be a re-blog and you very much deserve to be credited so please drop a link in my ask box and I'll credit/remove whatever it is that bugs you :P.
A short message to people who care about ToC rankings and to Bleach Haters in general. Courtesy of GOLIATH
~AIZEN-SAMA FACTS -in case you have doubted his greatness-
❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ THE HEART Huzzah!
Pulpit rock
 bleachers bleachin'
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Seasons Princesses Series by ~MaGeXP

Rukia: Winter

Matsumoto: Spring

Orihime: Summer

Yoruichi: Autumn

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